Documents Attestation In Dubai

Document Attestation in Dubai: What You Need To Know

The process of document attestation verifies the authenticity of the signature and seal on papers issued in the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere. The UAE Verification Procedure must be completed in order to relocate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for either personal or professional reasons. The process of UAE attestation will prove the legality of the papers. Attestation is used to validate immigration-related papers.

Various Benefits Of Document Attestation In Dubai

The following are the amazing benefits of document attestation in Dubai:

Legal Acceptance


A document that has been verified is considered valid throughout the nation. You can submit an application for college or university, file a case for company creation, and claim insurance in the emirate. If you have a valid document, you can enter any location or workplace in the UAE without any limitations.



Documents have been verified to show that they were issued by the specified department or agency. This indicates that the professional holds the qualifications mentioned by the candidate. This eliminates the need for any further paperwork from your end to verify the authenticity.

Several Opportunities


An applicant who has their documents confirmed is eligible to apply for a wide range of jobs in the UAE. However, one must make sure they are using trustworthy service providers to complete the verification. A false attestation might get you into trouble and result in a lifelong ban from travel.

Fast And Simple Clearance Of Visas


Think about inviting your relatives to visit the UAE. A quick and simple visa procedure would be made possible by a set of proven papers and certifications showing their identification, relationship to you, and proof of their home country’s location. The officials will have clear information regarding the family members. accelerating the approval of visas.

Applicable Everywhere In The World


Globally, attestation is a recognised procedure. The Hague Convention’s 1962 signatory nations have embraced apostille as an official document verification and confirmation method. Those who failed to conform to the agreement continue to demand verified original papers. In these nations, an original document that has been confirmed may be used. Different documentation may be required to specify your purpose for moving.

Document Attestation in Dubai Cost

The cost of document attestation in Dubai can vary depending on several factors, including the type of document, the country of issuance, the urgency of the service, and the agency or service provider you choose. Here are some typical costs associated with document attestation in Dubai.

Instructions For Document Attestation In Dubai

The following are the instructions for document attestation inside or outside Dubai, UAE:

For documents produced domestically in Dubai:

  • Use the MoFA’s online application process to request attestation in the UAE.
  • Please attach the original paperwork. Include a copy of the document if it is digitally or electronically verified.
  • Except for virtual papers given out by a government body or documents attested electronically, the original document must be verified by the controlling government entity.

For documents issued outside of Dubai:

  • Documents can then be verified by a Dubai Embassy or Consular in the nation of issuance by applying to MoFA’s online channels.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing nation must verify the original document.

Document Attestation in Dubai Processing Time

3 to 4 business days

Emirates Courier Solutions


For citizens in Dubai, MoFA offers a range of courier services:

  • Express courier service: 1 working day is required along with 10 documents or transactions.
  • Normal courier service: a total of 3 working days, along with 25 documents and transactions.

Procedure For Document Attestation In Dubai


The following is the procedure for documenting attestation in Dubai:

  • If required, translate the text into Arabic or English.
  • The document should be verified in its country of origin.
  • The certificate should be verified by a suitable national government official.
  • Send the certification to the UAE embassy in your country of origin.
  • If the document is valid, the embassy or consulate issues a stamp or seal after reviewing it.
  • The confirmed certificate can be picked up at the embassy or consulate, or it can be mailed to the appropriate authorities in the UAE.

A list of Papers Requiring Dubai Attestation

You need to have all the paperwork needed for UAE verification before deciding to relocate to the UAE. This makes the attestation procedure easier. You may need verification services for the following papers, depending on the nation you are travelling to and the reason for your stay there:

  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Divorced certificates
  • Educational, academic, and vocational education Diplomas, diplomas, and qualifications
  • Business agreements and legal paperwork
  • Religious documents and medical reports
  • Commercial agreements, contracts, and licences
  • Registration of a new product and trademark
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association of an organization
  • Contracts of employment
  • Certificate of Dependency and Heirs (Estate) Assessment
  • Board of Directors documents from meetings and resolutions
  • Certificate of Promise to Form a Company or Close It
  • A detailed financial budget plan
  • Withdrawal of a partnership and clearance certification.

Some of the mandatory documents you need to submit as well are:

  • Original form of certificates
  • copies of the passport and visa
  • Two passport-size photographs with a white background

You need to remember that depending on why you want to move to the UAE, different documents are required.