Business Licence in IFZA Dubai

Business Licence in IFZA Dubai

Get a Business Licence In IFZA Dubai

IFZA stands for International Free Zone Authority and is currently a major centre for new business establishments in the United Arab Emirates. It provides a wide range of commercial activities at highly affordable rates.

Local and international entrepreneurs use the advantages of the UAE’s geographical location and cutting-edge infrastructure, luring more and more investors to its doors.

The IFZA is popularly known for its least inexpensive free zones in Dubai, Which offer a quick and simple process for company setup with few restrictions.

Why Choose an IFZA Free Zone For Business

Because of its high standards for customer service in its core business sectors, IFZA is one of the top business centres for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. Following are the facilities as follows.

Flexible License Facility
Setup business package levels range between 0 and 6 visa allocations in the IFZA. It allows the freedom to start a business with one visa and upgrade according to the requirements of the firm. You can anytime upgrade and downgrade as per your need.

Cost-Effective Facility
Business setup in IFZA offers entrepreneurs the facility of affordable, competitive prices and maintains cost-effective standards to lure new start-ups and entrepreneurs. It is less expensive in IFZA in comparison to other locations in the Emirates.

Rapid Process In Company Incorporation
Business setup in IFZA offers entrepreneurs the facility of affordable, competitive prices and maintains cost-effective standards to lure new start-ups and entrepreneurs. It is less expensive in IFZA in comparison to other locations in the Emirates.

Multiple Trading Activities
IFZA never restricts business growth. It provides a wide range of various trading activities from which you can choose and get approval to gain a holding licence.

Bank Account Setup
IFZA ensures an easy and simple process for opening a bank account, under which you can pick the UAE team to assist you.

100% Foreign Ownership
There is complete foreign ownership, which means there is no requirement for a local partner or local sponsor.

Tax Rewards
The most amazing benefit IFZA provides is tax-free imports and exports for companies to ship goods from other free zones or abroad. There are no tax charges on personal income or corporate income.

Complete Solutions for the Company
IFZA guarantees you a complete business setup solution, from business licences to the services required to run your business smoothly.

Access To A Good Deal Of The World
FZA offers you opportunities to do good business deals in the entire UAE, Dubai, the Middle East, and Africa. Giving your business a good kick with amazing deals helps it grow further.

Offers Businesses Limited Liability
Doing business in IFZA is a smart choice because it offers an independent entity where enterprises are separated from their shareholders and entrepreneurs. For business growth, it provides high-tech facilities and the latest firm strategies that are appropriate for your business activity.

Different Types Of Business Licences In IFZA Dubai

IFZA, the International Free-Zone Authority, approves various business licences for start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and large businesses. These are as follows:

Commercial Licence


IFZA provides a licence to carry out business activities smoothly. You are given the legal authority to start the process of distribution, exporting, importing, and storing the goods and commodities with the aid of an IFZA Commercial licence.

General Trading License


Holding an IFZA general trade licence makes various services and trading possibilities available. Your ability to start trading your products and services in B2B, B2C, and C2B business models depends on whether you have a general trade licence.

Service Licence


By getting an IFZA service licence, one is allowed to conduct activities related to production, transportation, and manufacturing under their firm name.

Consultancy Licence


For consulting services, you must gain an IFZA consulting license to serve small venture and large corporations.

Industrial Licence


Companies wishing to operate by importing raw materials into their region must obtain an IFZA industrial licence. It approves your business to operate in the process of manufacturing, processing, and packaging approved goods and products.

Professional Licence


An IFZA professional licence is required for professional services. For example, business-related consulting, technical, health care, lifestyle, and other services It is issued by the Department Of Economic Development (DED).

Branch Licence


A branch may also be registered at IFZA by foreign-incorporated businesses. Established firms can open multiple branches if both the parent company and branches operate the same business activity. For the gains, profits, debts, returns, expenses, and liabilities in this case, the identity of the branch must be merged with that of the parent company.

National Industrial License


For a national industrial licence you have to meet the following requirements

  • Having registration with a GCC national or having a minimum of 51% or more of the company’s shares owned by a GCC national
  • The Free Zone is used for at least 40% of the production process. Exporting products duty-free to GCC member nations is permissible for businesses with IFZA National Industrial Licences.

Features Of An IFZA Business Licence

  • It offers a broad range of warehousing facilities.
  • It provides 100% tax-free status for businesses and individuals.
  • An amazing benefit is that it is an affordable option for incorporating a business.
  • It provides various choices for offices with flexible rental agreements.
  • There is no need for paid-up capital for shares.
  • Under this, companies have a limitation on liability.
  • In this case, an online integration is feasible.
  • It helps with rapid and simple company management and formation.
  • It offers various business activities such as trading, services, and consulting.

IFZA Business Licence Cost

IFZA Business Licence Cost ​Start with AED 12900/- onwards

  1. the cost of an IFZA (International Free Zone Authority) license could vary depending on the type of business activity you are planning to undertake and the specific package you choose. IFZA is a free zone located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it offers various types of licenses tailored to different business needs.
  2. The cost of an IFZA license typically includes several components such as license fees, registration fees, visa fees (if applicable), and other administrative charges. Additionally, there might be annual renewal fees to keep the license active.
  3. To get accurate and up-to-date information on IFZA license costs, it’s best to directly contact IFZA or consult their official website. Keep in mind that costs may change over time due to updates in regulations or fee structures.

Documents Required for Business Formation In IFZA

The following is the list of documents mandatory for an individual shareholder in IFZA

  • Passport copy of shareholders
  • The application form for a licence
  • UAE residents require a copy of their
  • Visa and Emirates ID.
  • Passport-size image of shareholders

The following are the lists of documents for corporate shareholders

  • Board resolution document that has been signed and certified.
  • Signed copy of the trade licence.
  • A certified copy of the incorporation certificate.
  • Signed copy of the memorandum and article of association.

IFZA Business Licence Processing Time, In General

  • It takes 3–5 business days for the IFZA licence.
  • For an Establishment card, 2 to 3 business days
  • The Visa application process generally takes seven business days.

IFZA Business Licence Producer

Documents verification, company name approval and security approval followed by license payment and license issuance