Dubai South Business Licence

Dubai South Business License

Get Your Dubai South Business License: For Business Growth

Before forming a company in any free zone of Dubai, UAE. It is necessary to know about it a little. Dubai South is the largest independent urban development concept in Dubai, built on an aircraft and logistics ecosystem. When completely operational, it would host the largest airport in the world. It also includes a multipurpose transportation infrastructure that connects land, air, and sea.

Dubai South Free Zone was founded in 2006 and is one of the most popular choices for setting up a Dubai Free Zone business. It’s one of the regions that is growing the fastest and newest.

Being close to Abu Dhabi and the Dubai mainland is what makes it such a desirable location for a company setup. It is simple for company owners to transfer goods and products across the free zone since it is close to Al Maktoum airport.

Dubai South Business License Cost

AED 29,000/-

Dubai South Business License Processing Time

one week

Dubai South Business License Producer/Steps

Apply for business license with relevant activity

Various Licences Are Available In Dubai South

It provides a variety of licence options to meet the needs of various sectors, makes the registration and company setup process easier for investors and business owners, and is accessible to all kinds of companies:

Aviation Licence


This licence refers to the certification that permits the holder to run and operate aircraft-related services.

Industrial Licence


With this licence, one can perform simple manufacturing tasks, including purifying, mixing, blending, assembling, shaping, repackaging, or wrapping goods.

Logistic Licence


With this licence, the holder is permitted to provide a variety of logistical assistance, including transportation, storage, distribution, forwarding, clearing activities, sorting, order management, and inventory management.

Educational Licence


This licence allows the individual or group to carry out educational-related services officially, which include Educational consulting, social services, training and development, and specialised course services.

General Trading Licence


This licence may be obtained by businesses engaged in the shipment, trade, and reexportation of approved items. Trading operations could need special authorization, which can be acquired by requesting a NOC from the concerned departments.

Trading Licence


The holder of a trade licence is permitted to distribute, import, sell, export, and store the things listed in the licence. It’s crucial to remember that free zone businesses with a trade licence are only permitted to sell completed goods in the UAE market by way of a licensed area distributor or sales distributor.

Service Licence


The holder of this licence may provide the services listed there. This licence also applies to those enterprises that provide transportation services in the free zone, including software, consulting, training, maintenance, and catering.

Freelance Licence


This licence allows small businesses, start-ups, individuals, and group professionals to practise freelancing who are looking for tailored solutions that will further help them grow their businesses.

Facilities Offered By Dubai South Free Zone For Business

A wide variety of services are offered by Dubai South Free Zone to meet the demands of various businesses, including:

Flexi Desks
You can rent a Flexi-desk (also known as a smart desk) for your company to use as the actual place of business and address stated on your firm’s registration. It allows members to work wherever and whenever they want.

Permanent Desks
Specific workstations that offer a permanent, personalized workplace in a shared office surrounding individuals or small teams In this case, members have a fixed place to work. Rented out for a period.

Smart Office, Fully Equipped
Offices that are well-stocked with modern equipment and facilities and are intended to provide an efficient and effective working atmosphere

Warehouse Facility
Huge storage facilities are ideal for companies engaged in import, export, logistics, and other sectors needing a lot of storage. Storing goods and semi-finished goods requires warehousing.
Huge storage facilities are ideal for companies engaged in import, export, logistics, and other sectors needing a lot of storage. Storing goods and semi-finished goods requires warehousing.

Land Facility
Dubai’s south free zone enables businesses to have the option to purchase pieces of land within the free zone, enabling customised building and development tailored to particular needs.

Valuable Advantages Delivered By Dubai South Free Zone

The following are essential benefits provided by Dubai's South Free Zone:
  • Cost-effective resident visas
  • Affordable offices with a lot of perks
  • Residential neighbourhood near the Free Zone
  • Al Maktoum International Airport is nearby.
  • 100% foreign ownership and no personal or corporate tax
  • 100% financial and capital return
  • There is no duty charge on imports or exports.
  • No limitation on currency
  • The terms of a business lease are customizable.
  • Easy and quick set-up procedures.
  • Free zone clients have access to a wide variety of commercial activities.
  • Modern infrastructure and services.
  • Fewer nationality restrictions for company formation.
  • Tailored office solution ( work anytime from anywhere in Dubai )

What Paperwork Is Necessary For Company Formation in the Dubai South Free Zone?

Documents are mandatory for company formation in Dubai’s south free zone to run your business activities freely and officially without any future legal obstacles. Here are the lists of documents:

Documents For Individual Shareholders

  • The copies of passports and visas
  • A copy of the Emirates ID (if the shareholder is a UAE resident).
  • For non-residents of the UAE, the latest UAE entry stamp
  • The filled-out application form

Documents For Corporate Shareholders

  • Board resolution document that has been signed and certified.
  • A certified copy of the incorporation certificate that has been stamped
  • Copy of the memorandum and articles of association that have been signed and verified.
  • A business licence document that has been verified and approved.