Business Setup In JAFZA

Business Setup In JAFZA

Efficient Business Setup in JAFZA: Enhance Your Processes

The UAE’s first free zone was established at Jebel Ali (JAFZA). The most populous free zone in Dubai as of the present time was created in 1985.

More than 9,500 foreign and domestic businesses, including assembly units, transportation organisations, manufacturing facilities, and factories, currently consider it home. The total yearly trade value produced by these businesses beats $100 billion.

The growing business community in Jafza provides a setting that promotes trading, maintains happiness, and inspires businesspeople to dream large and scale incredible heights. And also provide an access route to Al Maktoum International Airport (also known as Dubai’s heart) and Jebel Ali Sea Port (Port Jebel Ali), which makes transportation easy.

Types Of Businesses Setup In JAFZA

There are many types of business entities you can set up with the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. These are as follows:

Free Zone Company (FZCo)


It is essentially a free zone LLC created by several shareholders, who may be both individuals and corporate entities (non-individuals). For operations, a company must have a company secretary and two directors. Products may be imported and exported by free zone organisations across international borders. However, it is not authorised for these companies to offer their goods, especially in the UAE market.

Publicly listed company (PLC)


This form of business, which is like a limited liability company, has two or more owners and offers its shares for sale to the general public on the stock market. Publicly listed businesses based in the UAE’s free zones are required to list their shares on the stock exchange. It provides the business with an unlimited stream of financing.

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)


There is merely one shareholder in this LLC, and that shareholder may be either a single person or a firm. This free zone allows 100% foreign ownership with no local sponsor requirement. For company formation in the UAE, you will need a trade licence and an incorporation certificate.

Branch Office


There are a variety of reasons why a business would need to open a branch office. They have the option of establishing the branch office on the UAE mainland or in one of the UAE free zones. It is a branch established by a parent business in JAFZA that is under the parent business’s full control and is accountable for its name and operations.

Offshore Company


This form of legal entity is designed to conduct business outside of the company’s registration region or physical location. It must have a minimum of one shareholder and an unlimited number of shareholders, which can be both people and corporations.

Business Setup in JAFZA Cost

JAFZA license cost starts from AED 45,000/- onwards

Mandatory Documents For Business Setup In JAFZA

Documents Required for Setting Up FZE/FZCo in JAFZA

For Individuals:

  • JAFZA witnesses the manager’s, shareholders’, directors’, and secretary’s actual signatures.
  • Board decision and Power of Attorney (for FZCo only), certified by JAFZA
  • JAFZA’s certification of the Board resolution and Power of Attorney (only for FZCo)
  • Memorandum and article of association

For Companies:

  • Resolution of the Board and Power of Attorney, confirmed by the Embassy of the UAE
  • Registration certificate that has been properly signed and confirmed by the UAE embassy
  • Manager’s specimen signature, certified by JAFZA or the UAE Embassy
  • Memorandum and Article of Association properly signed and certified by the Embassy of the UAE

For Foreign branches:

  • Resolution of the Board and Power of Attorney, confirmed by the Embassy of the UAE
  • Registration certificate that has been properly signed and confirmed by the UAE embassy
  • Memorandum and Article of Association properly signed and certified by the Embassy of the UAE
  • Manager’s specimen signature, certified by JAFZA or the UAE Embassy

For the UAE Branch:

  • A letter from the business requesting permission to operate a branch in JAFZA
  • A copy of the licence and share certificate
  • Another copy of the certificate from the Chamber of Commerce
  • A copy of the article of association and memorandum.

Business Setup in JAFZA Processing Time

one week time for the JAFZA license issuance

How To Do Business Setup In JAFZA


Select The Business Activity And Name

Choose the business activity you wish to operate your business in, and after this, consider a unique yet simple name for your business. Make sure the name is not already registered under the UAE authority and is not offensive to any religion or political party.


Register And Obtain A Licence

Register your company by filling out an application form, submitting all required documents, and obtaining a business licence accordingly. Through this, you can run your business officially in the UAE.


Open A Bank Account

For smooth business transactions, whether domestically or internationally, you will need to open a corporate bank account. Submit all the relevant documents and fulfil all the formalities required for them.


For Business setup, Several Business licences are available in JAFZA.

To run your business smoothly and officially, you need to obtain a business licence according to your business needs. Here are the lists of business licences:

General Trading Licence
With this licence, businesses can perform general trading activities, for example, importing, exporting, re-exporting, distributing, and selling a range of goods, by following JAFZA’s legal rules.

Trading Licence
With this licence, businesses can perform trading activities of goods and certain services, for example, Importing and exporting raw materials, distributing, selling, and storing items listed in the licence.

Industrial licence
With this licence, businesses can carry out industrial services, for example, Importing raw ingredients, producing, processing, putting together, packaging, and exporting the final goods to any nation.

Service Licence
This licence permits businesses to carry out activities regarding services, for example, legal advisory, accountancy, and business consultancy. It’s important to note that there is only one licence that covers everything in the service category.

E-Commerce Licence
Today, the majority of companies use an online store to boost sales. An e-commerce permit is required in the Jebel Ali Free Zone if you wish to purchase and sell anything online. It helps in e-trading, social media, etc.

Logistics Licence
A logistic licence must first be obtained in order to conduct any of the several logistics services that are offered in JAFZA Dubai. This permit enables you to carry out tasks including inventory management, storage, forwarding, and transportation.

Business Setup Facilities Provided By JAFZA

Land Facility
JAFZA offers plots of land to businesses to build their own facilities. Along with electricity, water, and telecommunications services, the plots offer ready-for-use road infrastructure.

Employment Housing
JAFZA offers lodging options for corporate workers on the grounds of the free zone. JAFZA North and South together represent more than 4,850 and 4,600 rooms, respectively, in the free zone.

Warehousing Facility
For businesses that require a lot of storage space, JAFZA’s warehouses are perfect. The warehouse contains built-in offices as well as entry and exit ramps, lifts, and other facilities.

Office Spaces
JAFZA provides office space facilities to investors who are planning to set up their business here with a large or small number of employees.

Advantages For Business Setup In JAFZA

The following are the benefits of company setup in JAFZA
  • 0% duty on imports, exports, or re-exports
  • 100% foreign ownership; no local sponsor is required.
  • 50 years of renewable concessions with 0% corporation tax
  • 100% return on capital
  • No personal tax
  • There is no limitation on currencies.
  • There are no limitations placed on employees or global talent.
  • Easy and quick business setup process.
  • Affordable company solutions that may be customised to meet specific needs
  • Possibility of mortgaging your property

For employees and staff, PRO Services

  • Visa issuance for staff
  • Renewal and cancellation of visas
  • Data modification contract
  • Printing of Emirates ID, visa, and medical examination.

For family and personal PRO Services

  • Residence and child visa renewal
  • Residency Visa For The Spouse
  • Printing of Emirates ID, visa, and residence
  • Parents’ Residency Visa In Dubai