Dubai Residence Visa

Dubai Residence Visa

Secure Your Dubai Residence Visa.

A Dubai residence visa is a legal document that enables visitors to live in Dubai for a predetermined amount of time. It is given by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) and is a mandatory prerequisite for anyone who wishes to reside and work in Dubai.

According to the UAE legislation that will be in force in 2023, one can gain Dubai (UAE) residence through jobs, real estate acquisition, or a business or freelance visa. The advantages of living in the UAE, such as being able to establish a bank account in Dubai, will be available to you once you have obtained UAE residence.

Eligibility Criteria For Applying For A Dubai Residence Visa

A foreigner must meet many requirements before applying for a residency permit in Dubai. Additionally, the country of the applicant affects these requirements. When requesting a Dubai resident permit, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  • When migrating to Dubai, individuals of various nationalities, except those of the GCC nations, must apply for a residency permit.
  • When requesting a residency visa for Dubai, the passport’s validity has to be a minimum of six months.
  • You must hold a job in the UAE, either with a private enterprise or a public or government agency.
  • You must be a UAE property owner.
  • You rely on UAE locals, such as your wife, mother, maid, close family, etc.
  • You’re enrolled in a reputable university in the UAE.
  • You have made any type of investment in the UAE.
  • You intend to retire in one of the UAE’s seven emirates.

Different Forms Of Dubai Long-Term Visas

To draw in overseas talent and investments, the United Arab Emirates provides a variety of long-term visas. These visas give their holders a sense of security and long-term citizenship, enabling them to make plans for their futures in the UAE. Here are several long-term visa categories:

Golden Visa


A long-term residency visa known as the “Golden Visa” was created by the UAE government in 2019. Senior executives, investors, Business owners, scientists, top students, and artists may all use it.

Visa For Special Ability


People with particular skills in fields like culture, science, art, and athletics can also apply for long-term visas from the UAE. This comprises academics, inventors, scientists, creative types, and entertainers.

Investor Visa


Foreign nationals who want to make a sizable investment in the UAE are eligibl

Entrepreneur Visa


An entrepreneur visa is accessible to people who run a profitable project in the UAE. If the firm succeeds, this 5-year visa may be transformed into an investment visa.

Retirement Visa


Since 2018, citizens 55 years of age and older can apply for a five-year retirement visa in the UAE. To be eligible, a set of financial requirements must be satisfied.

Process For Application Of A Dubai Residence Visa

Following are the steps you need to follow to apply for a residence visa in Dubai:


Get A Sponsor

The first step is to secure a sponsor who lives in the UAE. With the help of a local sponsor, you can obtain a residence visa. A sponsor can be an employer, a UAE citizen, or a family member. You must have an official connection with your sponsor, as they will be in charge of paying for your stay in the country.


Medical Examination

After securing a sponsor, the next step is to go through a medical examination. To get a Dubai residence visa, the UAE government requires that all citizens undergo a medical check. To confirm that you don’t have any infectious illnesses, the medical examination involves a blood test, a chest X-ray, and other tests.


Get an Emirates ID

After the medical checkup, move on to applying for the Emirates ID. The Emirates IDs are mandatory for all UAE citizens. You must have it to establish a bank account, register a car, or apply for a driver’s licence, among other official procedures. It acts as your identity card.


Apply For A Visa

Now move on to applying for a visa after receiving an Emirates ID. For the visa application process, you will be required to submit all the mandatory documents to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Documents include your passport, an Emirates ID, your sponsor’s passport, and a residency visa, as well as a passport-sized photo.


Get A Stamp On Your Visa

The last procedure is to get a stamp on your visa as your identification. Your resident visa’s validity and the number of days you are permitted to stay in the UAE are both shown on the visa stamp. After receiving your visa stamp, you have 60 days to go to the UAE.

Advantages Of A Dubai Residence Visa

  • You are free to apply for jobs and engage in employment within the nation if you have a resident visa.
  • Being a resident of the UAE, you have the benefit of a wide range of services, including education, healthcare, and transportation.
  • You have access to apply for credit cards and loans from local banks in the UAE.
  • You are exempt from paying income tax on your income because you are a resident of the UAE.
  • You can enrol your kids in any public or private school in the UAE.
  • In the UAE, you can apply for a driving licence.
  • Long-term stability for people and families is provided by securing residency permits in the UAE.
  • You also have the chance to travel around the UAE with a resident visa.

What Are The Conditions For A Dubai Residence Visa?

The following are the requirements you need to fulfil to secure a Dubai residence visa:

  • The Application form
  • Proof of family links, such as birth and marriage documents, is required for family visas.
  • For the UAE visa, two passport-size photos are required.
  • Your entry visa or a stamp page
  • Proof of the sponsor’s lawful residency and UAE citizenship
  • For work visas, copies of the employment contract, the employing company’s current business licence, and the firm card are required.
  • Proof of your UAE health insurance certificate.
  • Certificate of approval from a medical fitness exam

Dubai Residence Visa Cost

AED 4000/- onwards

Dubai Residence Visa Processing Time

2 to 3 working days for VIP Process and 5 to 7 days Normal process