Trademark Registration In Dubai

Trademark Registration In Dubai

Why Getting A Trademark Registration In Dubai Is Necessary

The UAE is a booming business hub, which is luring investors and businesspeople across the globe to settle here and set up their companies here as well. Which has increased the level of market rivalry. In certain cases, businesses may even discover that their brand name or logo has been duplicated without their consent. Here, trademark registration will help your company and prove to be a valuable asset.

A company’s most important asset is a trademark registration certificate. Companies may differentiate themselves from rival businesses while seeking clients or portfolio placement due to trademark registration, which also offers protection and legal acknowledgement of ownership.

It serves as a safeguard against the unauthorised use of a product’s or service’s name, logo, or catchphrase by others.

What Different Types Of Trademarks Can be Registered in the UAE?

Knowing what types of trademarks you are permitted to register is an essential procedure before claiming duplication and copying.

When a trademark satisfies the guidelines that follow, it may be registered in the UAE:

  • It shouldn’t be mistakenly similar to another trademark that has been authorised in the UAE.
  • It shouldn’t be fraudulent, confusing, unpleasant, or inappropriate for consumption by the public.
  • It must be unique and capable of setting your products or services apart from those of competitors in the market.

Also, keep in mind that there are three major trademarks for which businesses should register:

  • Marks of cooperative membership (to identify the people)
  • Service marks (to evaluate a business’s services)
  • Certification marks (to validate the standard of products or services)

Trademark Registration In Dubai Cost

Trademark registration service charges starts from AED 11,000/- onwards

Mandatory Documents For Trademark Registration In Dubai

Preparing these papers will make the registration procedure simple and straightforward if you decide to register your trademark in the United Arab Emirates.

  • A certificate of establishment
  • An official and important document.
  • A detailed business plan
  • Evidence of candidate identification
  • The soft copy or photo of a brand or logo in colour or black and white
  • List of products and services with descriptions of each item’s labelling.
  • The official proof of trademark registration, if filed in another nation
  • Translations of the trademark’s language (English and Arabic)
  • A soft copy of the trade licence for business
  • Copies of the managing director’s Emirates ID and passport
Process For Trademark Registration In Dubai

The person submitting a trademark registration application form in the United Arab Emirates Do you want to know “how to file a trademark in the UAE”? On the official website of the Ministry of Economy. You must take the following actions to register your company’s trademark in the UAE:

Verify The Trademark Exists Or Not

The first step is to check whether the trademark is taken or not; if it is already taken by another company, you can’t register with them. Try to search by using online tools like Marcaria when you are sure you are not taken by others. Proceed with the trademark registration.

Complete The Application Form

The next step is to fill out the application form on the Ministry of Economy’s official website. From the service page, click on the e-service option, then the trademark from the page, and press the trademark registration button. Fill out all the applications with mandatory information and submit all required documents there.

Review And Publish

After submitting all the required documents, pay the trademark registration fees in the UAE. Then wait for the application to be reviewed by the Ministry of Economy. Once it is approved, publish it in two local newspapers in the UAE.


After publishing it, the last step is to receive the trademark registration certificate. It will convey all the important details of the Brand and the owner’s name. The trademark registration validity expires after 10 years and is only valid in the UAE; you can renew it by paying additional costs.

The following are the benefits of trademark registration in Dubai, UAE, listed below:

Brand Worth


Registering your brand under a trademark makes it more noticeable to potential customers. A brand’s identity and validity are improved when it is registered. Additionally, it will set itself apart from competing businesses. A registered brand has the potential to be more noticeable in the marketplace.

Feeling Of Safety


When you registered your brand under a trademark either online or with the help of won’t let other similar companies use your brand name, logo, etc. without your consent. If anyone dares to do so, they will be held accountable and face legal charges. This implies that a trademark will only belong to its registered owner.

Value As An Asset


The rise of brand reputation and exposure to vast customers will increase the value of your trademark and result in an asset for the company. This is one way that businesses might use a trademark to obtain a loan from financial organisations, lenders, banks, and other sources.

Builds Trust


Registering your brand under a trademark serves as a Trusted brand to the authorities. Customers are drawn to it because of its ability to stand out and be recognised for its sincerity. A company’s honesty as a respected supplier of certain goods and services is conveyed through a registered trademark.

Opportunities For Growth


It is possible to effectively market a brand based on quality and customer service. A corporation can decide to broaden its product into a different linked industry. Certainly, the growth of a real brand from one to another would be supported by a loyal consumer base.

Trademark Registration Processing Time

Trademark registration in Dubai can be done in 3 to 6 months