Dubai Mainland Licence Cost

Why The Dubai Mainland Licence?

Why we should go for a Dubai mainland? Well, Dubai is a business hub that offers investors and entrepreneurs the most comfortable surroundings for undertaking business. It provides a welcoming working policy. Dubai is geographically divided into two parts of the tax region: the Mainland and the Free Zone. With the help of the Department Of Economic Development (DED), A business can register for company formation on the Mainland and start to operate.

Benefits Of Company Formation In The Dubai Mainland​

  • The larger scope of business.
    Freedom of choosing the location for company setup.
  • The stronger market position of the business.
  • Support by the government bodies.
  • Try to engage in business with other Mainland enterprises.
  • Businesses with a Dubai Mainland Licence have the same advantages as those with a Free Zone Licence.
  • Businesses with a Dubai Mainland Licence have the same advantages as those with a Free Zone Licence.
  • Regarding increasing their visa limits under a business licence, UAE mainland enterprises are not subject to any limitations.
    There are no restrictions on the currency.

Select The Suitable Dubai Mainland License

The following are the different types of mainland licenses for business

Professional Licence


Mainly, a professional license is issued for companies that handle professional, service-based activities, and the others are professional.
It is mandatory to have a professional license for a firm in the UAE that provides professional extension services to customers. Through a license, you can carry out the services officially and represent your eligibility. Such a business will be mentioned in the authority’s paperwork and be useful in the event of any legal difficulties or conflicts.

Some of the professional services that will require a professional licence are

  • IT infrastructure and computer consultancies
  • Legal, tax, and insurance consultancies
  • Public-related and marketing management services.
  • Accounting and auditing services
  • Recycling consultancy and waste management
  • Design and tourism

Commercial Licence


Commercial activities are buying and selling goods or being involved in trading activities in the UAE, for which you need a commercial license. Before registering for a commercial license, choose the right location for your business.

This commercial license can also be formed into a limited liability company (LLC). And also establish a sole proprietorship.

Some of the commercial activities that fall under the commercial licence

  • Retail companies
  • Rental transportation services
  • Healthcare companies
  • Construction companies
  • Broadcast and communication business
  • General trading and real estate business
  • Oil, gas, and chemical trading
  • Gold and precious metal trading
  • Safety and cleaning equipment trading

Industrial Licence


An industrial licence is issued by the Department Of Economic Development (DED), external authorities, and ministries of economy, finance, energy, and infrastructure in the UAE based on the industry activity you are engaged in.

Manufacturing products, services, and other related industrial activities require an industrial license to run the business smoothly and officially.

Here are some of the Industrial licence activities

  • Manufacturing-based activities such as garments, uniforms, meats, and dairy products.
  • Production, accumulation, final packaging of products, and industrial segregation.
  • Fabrics, carpets, and textiles; embroidery; manufacturing.
  • Mineral water bottling
  • Fishing net making

Tourism Licence


Under tourism, it is mandatory for businesses that wish to operate in the travel and tourism sector in the UAE to have an official tourism licence. Dubai’s tourism and travel industries are expanding quickly, and there is a growing demand for tourism licences due to Dubai’s status as a tourist destination.

Having a tourism licence enables companies to manage travel within the city. It also allows companies to sell affordable vacation packages Outside Dubai’s region.

There are three types of categories for tourism licences as follows

  • Travel agency licence as a travel agent
  • Outbound tourism licence
  • Inbound tourism licence

What Documents Are Required for Respective Licences?

For commercial licence documents required are as follows


  • A filled-out application. Write your name in both languages: English and Arabic.
  • The leasing contract form is provided along with the company’s registered address.
  • Provide partners with a memorandum of association.
  • Permit issued by the Dubai Municipality Department with approval of the business address
  • Permit issued by the Dubai Municipality Department with approval of the business address
  • The proof of the licence fee
  • After verification of the submitted documents, the DET will issue the commercial licence.

For an Industrial licence, the required documents are as follows


  • A fully detailed report must be submitted. You must give a comprehensive report on the industry, including a plan, objectives, details on the machinery used, the funding source, the amount of capital required, and the cost of production.
  • Non-citizens must submit copies of their passports and place of residence.
  • Must present a contract of partnership.
  • Approvals from the Ministry of Health, Environment, and Water
  • Another approval from the National Media Council
  • A copy of the balance sheet.

For a professional licence, the following documents are required


  • Filled application form
  • Partners from abroad need a sponsor’s NOC.
  • Partner’s citizenship copy
  • Passport copies of both partners and owners
  • You must submit the application to the DED with your certification, professional qualifications, and experience. The DED will pursue all submitted documents.
  • After submitting everything, the DED will issue the licence.

Documents required for a tourism licence are as follows


  • Applicant’s passport copy for the licence.
  • Filled out an application form.
  • Proof or certificate of the professional and educational qualifications of the manager.
  • NOC from the Civil Aviation Authority
  • No criminal record certificate should be presented by the manager or the company owner.
  • Authenticated document proving a 30-square-metre office.

How Much Does Dubai’s Mainland License Cost?


Is it expensive to acquire a Dubai mainland licence? Or how much will it cost for a Dubai mainland licence? The following information will help you feel at ease about the cost of Dubai mainland licences in the respective fields.

Business License Cost


The cost of acquiring a business trade licence issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) will be completely based on which business activity you will operate in mainland Dubai. Kindly remember that this additional cost will add up to obtaining extra permits, government fees, other related expenses (office space, desk), and visas.

However, renewing a trade licence each year is mandatory.


Industrial License Cost


The Cost of acquiring an industrial licence in mainland Dubai is measured in many aspects based on the location, industrial activity, or type of industry in which you choose to operate your business. It is insured by DED, ministries, or external authorities. Prices vary from time to time.


Professional License Cost


The cost of acquiring a professional licence includes various factors, which are as follows:

  • Administrative service charges
  • Fees for agents
  • Licensing fees
  • Fees for trading names, etc.

By including all the aspects of obtaining a professional licence, the actual amount for settlement may vary from time to time.


Tourism License Cost


The amount to pay for acquiring a tourism licence depends on several aspects, such as the area you choose, mainland or offshore, approvals, trade name, office space, etc. From time to time, prices differ.