Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Setup Company In Dubai Mainland

Mainland refers to the region outside of free-trade zones, and the Department of Economic Development (DED) is the government agency responsible for the issue of licences for mainland businesses. Mainland businesses are free to do transactions overseas and in the UAE.


The United Arab Emirates’ vibrant capital, Dubai, has made a name for itself as a centre for international trade. Owing to its favourable location, cutting-edge facilities, and investor-friendly regulations.


The local sponsors are no longer required to gain a Dubai mainland license for approximately 1,000 commercial and industrial enterprises

Benefits Of Dubai Mainland Company Formation

Anywhere, Operation Freedom​

Having no restrictions on where you can run your business is one of the important advantages of operating a company in Dubai. Firms can open several branches and establish a strong presence all over the Emirates thanks to the mainland company layout.

Wide Operating Range​

Businesses on the mainland can also take on a variety of activities. If you want to expand your product line on the mainland, you must re-register your fresh company activity with the DED, and you may start doing business as usual.

Entry To A Large Local Market​

You can enter the UAE market and use it as an introduction to the rest of the Middle East and beyond by opening a mainland business.

Exposure To Profitable Government Contracts

Government tenders are a major source of revenue for mainland businesses setting up companies in Dubai. The Abu Dhabi Executive Council recently approved spending AED 17.5 billion (USD 4.76 billion) on projects for the government, such as over AED 4 billion for construction.

100% Foreign Ownership

There are two criteria for owning 100% ownership of a Dubai mainland company. These are as follows:

  • Setting up your businesses in the free zone.
  • When forming a civil business or sole establishment for expert assistance on the mainland.

Recently, In the UAE, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has permitted 100% ownership of mainland business entities. This implies entrepreneurs don’t have to look for an Emirati firm or individual to serve as a partner before getting to business. This fresh perspective invites interested international investors looking to execute business in the Emirates.

Mainland Company Formation Cost

Dubai mainland license fee starts from AED 9000/- onwards.

Mainland Company Formation Processing Time

The Dubai mainland license can be processed within 2 working days.

Procedures For Dubai Mainland Company Formation

It’s time to grow your business internationally. Setting up an entity in Dubai is the right decision. For a successful start being alert about the procedure is important. Which is as follows:

Name of the business
Choosing the name of your business that represents your business and brand values is one of the strongest business decisions an owner can make. There are a few things to remember while naming the company in the UAE. All offensive language, references to religion, and connections to other groups are banned.

Select A Business Enterprise
Another important step is choosing a business activity for which you will set up your company in the UAE mainland for which you will trade. Under the Department of Economic Development (DED), 1000 approved business activities are listed. Manufacturing, trade, and agriculture are among the majority of these.

Locate The Best Area In The UAE For Your Company
The step is to choose the location where you wish to run the business. There are no limitations for businesses working on the UAE’s mainland. The right location will be based on several parts, including your budget and industry. Setting up a company close to well-known ports in the UAE makes financial sense.

Request A Mainland Trade License
Apply for the mainland trade license with the Department of Economic Development. Mandatory documents are required for trade license application. Examples are a license application, a document clarifying agreements, the division of ownership among all partners, and shareholder visas.

Get A Local Sponsor only if required
With a sponsor or a local service agent, international business owners could run a mainland business setup more effectively in Dubai. However, a local sponsor is unnecessary if operating as an LLC under an official business or industrial licence.

Establish A Legal Structure For Your Company
From a legal point of view, various kinds of businesses can be set up in the UAE mainland by foreign companies. The popularly known business activity is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Commercial and trade license businesses must form an LLC to set up a company in the UAE mainland.

Connect with a Business Formation Consultant
The judicial system must be thoroughly understood, and company formation processes must be when setting up on the mainland in the UAE. A business consultant can work with you to help you understand your company’s objectives. This would assure you that you may launch a profitable company on the Dubai mainland.

Guard your workplace
Serviced offices on the UAE mainland are often controlled and operated by a third party, providing everything you need to start immediately. Some common items are desks, phones, internet, and reception facilities. Normally, the rent, use of office supplies, and utilities costs are all included in your lease payment.

Get A Visa Approval
Having no limitation for entrepreneurs for the mainland business. However, the quantity of office space needed must align with the number of visas asked. The standard is 100 square feet of workplace or warehouse space per visa.


Foreign company owners who establish enterprises on the UAE’s mainland territory are also eligible for an investment visa, which allows them and their families to reside and do business in the country for up to three years.

Things Required for Dubai Mainland Company Formation

  • The first requirement is the article of association and memorandum.
  • The full-proof business plan.
  • The form of the filled application.
  • Documentation proving the shareholders’ and investors’ identities and addresses.
  • It also required local sponsorship.
  • Mainland company formation must have a commercial space.
  • Get a professional licence based on your business activity by the respective authority.