Meydan Free Zone Licence

Meydan Free Zone Licence

Get Your Meydan Free Zone Licence

Meydan Free Zone, which is in the middle of Dubai, is a great option for business owners and investors who want to launch a company in the United Arab Emirates. Meydan Free Zone is one of the biggest and most technically proficient Digital Free Zones in the UAE.

Meydan Free Zone is located only 15 minutes away from Dubai International Airport, has cutting-edge infrastructure, and offers several business benefits. This commercial jurisdiction has grown to become a hub for a variety of sports, media, industries, and advanced technology.

The Meydan Free Zone provides a special chance to carry out several company operations under a single licence. One licence, for instance, can be used to run an e-commerce division, a management consulting business, or a marketing agency.

Various Business Activities In Meydan Free Zone

The wide range of commercial activities available in Meydan is one of the main factors that influenced so many investors to pick this location. Here is a list of some business activities you can carry out:

Training And Education


This business activity is in the education sector. Under this, you focus on providing services related to educational industries such as specialised courses, vocational training, professional development, and educational consulting.



This business activity involves holding investments. Holding businesses hold and manage investments in other businesses, supply money and financial assistance, and oversee the performance of the portfolio.

Advertising And Human Resources


This business activity carries out advertising and marketing services. It includes creative graphics, media planning, market research, and market strategies. And for human resources, it carries out services such as employee training, hiring, and development.

Legal And Real Estate


The legal business activity provides services in legal consulting, commercial law, property law, and corporate law. For the real estate business activity, it carries out brokerage, leasing, property management, and development.

Financial And Logistics


For financial business activity, it helps to conduct business with the help of insurance, banking, and investment management. And for logistics, it provides services such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, and shipping. And many other business activities you can conduct in the Meydan Free Zone, such as infrastructure, management, e-commerce, technical, and many more.

Get Various Types Of Business Licences

Meydan Free Zone approves various business licence to carry out business activities officially. Choose from the following options:

Professional Licence
This licence is for professional business activities such as technical and business-related consulting, lifestyle, and health care.

Commercial Licence
This licence is for the trading of goods and services. Such as importing, exporting, distributing, and storing goods.

Industrial Licence
This licence allows you to carry out business activities related to the industry. Such as manufacturing, packaging, and processing of semi-finished and finished goods.

Service Licence
This licence allows you to carry out business activities regarding services. Such as consulting, media, legal, and engineering consulting services.

E-commerce Licence
This licence is obtained by those investors who are interested in digital trading. Such as networking, websites, e-trading, and social media.

Benefits Meydan Free Zone Offers

Meydan Free Zone offers various benefits, as follows:
  • A tax-free environment with no personal, corporate, or withholding
  • Setup costs at low prices and low renewal charges
  • Offers 1500 business activities.
  • Combines workplace (flexi, dedicated desk).
  • Safe environment with 24/7 access to offices
  • High-speed internet and no obstacles to online interaction.
  • Support from banks and flexible visa insurance.
  • Approved by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  • Offers no currency limitation.
  • Build an office anywhere in Dubai and collaborate with mainland businesses with no objection.
  • 100% foreign ownership with a free company name check with the rest
  • All-encompassing, award-winning digital customer platform

The Cost Of Licences In Meydan Free Zone

Start-ups, small businesses, and freelancers wish to operate their businesses in the Meydan Free Zone because of its easy and rapid business registration. To conduct business, you need to obtain a business licence. So in the future, there will be no legal hassle.

As there are multiple business licences, their costs differ from each other. As the requirements of documents for licences are different from each other, so are their prices. For more information, consult with the agencies.

The Cost Of Licences In Meydan Free Zone with 1 visa is AED 12500/- and the visa cost is AED 4000/-

Documents Required For Obtaining A Meydan Free Zone Licence

The following are the mandatory documents for obtaining a business licence in the Meydan Free Zone:

For Individual shareholders:

  • A filled-out application form along with a signature of authority.
  • Business plan in detailed form for at least 3 years.
  • Original bank reference letter stamped on it, or at least a bank statement from the past six months.
  • Latest C.V. of managers, directors, and shareholders
  • The passport and visa copies of the shareholder, manager, and director

For Corporate Shareholders:

  • Business plan in detailed form for at least 3 years.
  • A filled-out application form along with a signature of authority.
  • The passport and visa copies of the shareholder, manager, and director
  • The audited financial report of the business
  • A copy of the company profile.
  • A letter requesting the appointment of a manager from the controlling company
  • A board resolution document.
  • Within a day, you have to submit a company document.
  • Unrestricted capital return

Meydan Free Zone Licence Processing Time

Visa processing time is 4 to 5 business days

Meydan Free Zone Licence Producer/Steps

Apply for entry visa, medical and emirates id biometrics followed by visa stamping