UAE Freelance Visa

UAE Freelance Visa

Get The Most Out Of Your Freelance Visa

The idea of a full-time job is evolving quickly. Talented and creative people would now want to work during their downtime rather than in a typical daytime or nighttime work atmosphere. Thanks to internet access and the digital revolution, everyone can now do their task regardless of their location.

A freelancing visa is a residency permit for the UAE that grants the freedom to live there without the requirement of a corporate sponsor. In the UAE, it is a type of self-employment that offers independence and freedom.

Where To Apply For A UAE Freelance Visa

Below is a list of activities for which you can apply for a freelance visa in the UAE:

Banking And Finance


You can apply for a freelancing position with the Department of Economic Development if you have experience in accounting and auditing, analysing and assessing accounting and auditing systems, providing advice on financial institution transactions, and providing



By providing all necessary documentation, individuals in the Dubai Design District may apply for freelance positions as apparel designers, fashion stylists, concept designers, image consultants, hairstylists, fashion artists, interior designers, designers of textiles, personal shoppers, visual merchandisers, and wedding managers.

IT Professionals


Freelancers from the IT fields can apply for a freelance visa if they wish to work in the fields of the web, architecture, mobile, software development, IT and data science and analytics, telecommunication networking, and customer service. You can also provide engineering-related consulting services.



Through Dubai Media City, professionals with various media-related occupations can also apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai. Which includes Actors, artists, aerial photography specialists, brand consultants, animators, audio/sound engineers, choreographers, camera operators, commentators, content creators, composers, copywriters, etc.

Educational Activities


Professionals can apply for a freelancing visa with the Dubai Knowledge Park. if they intend to work in the educational industry. Which includes researchers, trainers, executive coaches, and consultants on education and e-learning.

Mandatory Documents For A UAE Freelance Visa Permit


The following are the mandatory documents you require to submit for a freelance visa permit in the UAE:


  • Your recent photographs
  • Filled application form
  • A detailed business plan
  • The copies of the passport and visa ( with 8 months of validity )
  • Proof of academic qualification issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the UAE Consulate in your place of origin (for applicants in the educational sector)
  • When applying for a Dubai Freelance visa, the applicant’s sponsor must present a NOC.
  • Bank letter of recommendation
  • Most recent three-month bank statement
  • Provide a sample of your work in a portfolio.
  • Official letters from the person’s existing or prior employers endorsing their capacity to carry out a certain duty or function.

Free Zones in the UAE Offering Freelance Visa


The following are the free zones offering a freelancing visa permit in the UAE:


  • Ajman Free Zone
  • Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) Free Trade Zone
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone
  • Dubai Studio City
  • Dubai Production City
  • Dubai Media City
  • Fujairah Creative City
  • Dubai Knowledge Park
  • Dubai Design District

Follow The Procedure For The UAE Freelance Visa

The following is the procedure you need to follow in order to get a UAE freelance visa:

Pick a Freelancing Activity


There are various freelancing activities available for an individual to carry out in the UAE. Choose your freelancing activity. And your decision will determine which licensing agency or free zone you must apply to.

Choose A Licence To Apply


After considering a freelancing activity, the next step is to apply for a licence to work officially in the UAE. Choose an appropriate licensing organisation or free zone, either in Dubai (Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, or Dubai Knowledge Park) or in other emirates. There are various fees and restrictions for freelancing permission, depending on the free zone.

Freelance Visa And Permit


Submit all your mandatory documents in an aligned manner and get a permit for your licence to carry out the operation officially. Once the permit is approved, move on to applying for a visa. You are able to reside in the UAE with the help of a visa, and in some situations, you may even sponsor family members.

Get Approval And A Visa


The last step is to receive approval for your visa and licence, with which you can live and work as a citizen of the UAE. The visa is valid for 2–3 years only, after which you need to renew it for further validity.

The Valuable Benefits Of A UAE Freelance Visa

The following are the valuable benefits offered by the UAE freelance visa to an individual for freelancing activity:
  • Get UAE citizenship.
  • It’s possible to sponsor your spouse and other family members.
  • Managing one’s own time
  • You can manage your work flexibly.
  • Long-term vacations
  • You are able to change your line of work.
  • By doing multiple jobs, you can earn additional money.
  • There is no requirement for offices.
  • You shouldn’t worry about your finances.
  • Owning a business
  • Seeking what you love
  • You may offer your services to both individuals and businesses.
  • One alternative is to cooperate with governmental institutions.

What is Uae Freelance Visa

The UAE freelance visa is a type of residency permit issued by the UAE government that allows individuals to work as freelancers in the Emirate. It enables freelancers to legally operate as independent contractors and offer their services to clients within UAE.

Uae Freelance Visa Cost

AED 9800/- onwards

Uae Freelance Visa Eligibility

Below 60 years of age can apply freelance visa

Uae Freelance Visa Processing Time

2 weeks timeline