Get a Dubai Freelance Visa, UAE

Get a Dubai Freelance Visa, UAE

The definition of a full-time job is shifting rapidly. Talented and creative people would want to work during leisure rather than in an average daytime or nighttime work atmosphere. Due to the Internet and digital revolution, everyone can now do their task regardless of where they are.


Since Dubai offers amazing potential and great opportunities for company growth, more and more people are considering obtaining a Dubai freelance visa to live and work there.


The permission and freelancing visas are also perfect for people who need a licence to work as freelancers and are on a parent’s or spouse’s visa. However, anyone can apply for a freelancing visa and licence in Dubai, including tourists and those who are not sponsored. The Dubai Free Zone Authority also offers a 2-year renewable freelance work visa valid for two years.


Similarly, the freelance permit has a one-year expiration date and is renewable.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For A Freelance Licence In The UAE?

In Dubai, there are various fields in which one can apply

  • Media: artists, directors, print media, PR executives, experts who succeed in music and related fields, and several other professions fall under media.
  • Information Technology: It includes all types of app development, data analytics, web-based development, and many other professions that come under this category.
  • Education: It contains educational consulting, e-learning consulting, conducting research, counsellors, and many other professions under this umbrella.
  • Additional categories for applying for Dubai freelance visas include acting, screenwriting, journalism, advertising, training, educational consulting, customer service, or web development.
  • If your father or spouse funds your stay in Dubai and you have a Dubai residency visa (as a wife or child of a resident), having a freelancer visa is the ideal course of action for starting your firm.
  • Essential note: Dubai Internet City (DIC) may grant your freelance permit if you work in technology fields.
  • In the same way, Dubai Knowledge Park is for the education industry, while Dubai Media City is for the media sector.

Advantages Of A Freelance Visa

Having a Dubai freelance visa and permit has several advantages. These are as follows:
  • With a Dubai Freelance Visa, one could enjoy the advantages of 0% company and personal tax and 100% profit return.
  • The foremost benefit is the freedom to work for several companies as a sole expert without being bound to a regular job.
  • You can earn additional money without worrying about bookkeeping.
  • Obtaining a freelancing visa in Dubai is significantly less expensive than starting a new business in the UAE.
  • It provides the benefit of being a resident and gives access to services and facilities.
  • There is no requirement for company sponsorship; work for yourself and on your terms.
  • With the freelance visa, office space is not mandatory, and even the permit cost is far less.
  • A freelancer can transform his work into an income-generating venture with sufficient time and effort.

You may also sponsor your loved ones and dependents and allow them to live with you in the emirate if you have a freelance visa for Dubai. However, remember that you cannot sponsor staff simultaneously with your freelance approval and visa in the UAE.

How To Apply For a Freelance Visa

One can apply for a freelance visa and a permit online through the online process. It is very simple and only requires a few steps to apply for freelance permission and a visa in Dubai. You must first apply for freelance permission or a license within the emirate to proceed with the freelance visa application in Dubai. The following are the steps:

Apply Online For The Freelance Permit

You can apply for a freelance freelancer permit in the UAE using the freelance website. Choose “Go Apply,” complete the application form, and send in the required documentation.


Mandatory Documents for a Freelancer Visa

  • It required a recent and updated resume or CV.
  • A bank reference letter and a copy of one’s bank statement with the previous month’s transactions
  • Applicant’s Latest passport-size pictures (2 images) with a white background (the photo size has to align with Dubai Immigration standards).
  • Applicant’s passport copy (the validity of the passport must extend at least six months after being accepted into Dubai).
  • Your UAE sponsor’s NOC
  • Any previous visa copies

An important point to remember is that if you are applying to the education field, you must provide documentation of your academic qualifications, which the UAE Consulate must confirm in the place where you live and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Another important point is to send a personal portfolio or CV if you apply to the media or educational industries.

Letter of approval from the employer or sponsor


If you are bound to a full-time job in Dubai and your company has granted your visa, you must provide a NOC letter from your employer.


Before applying for approval, you must obtain a no-objection certificate from your spouse or parents if you travel on their visa.

For the restoration of your freelance working papers in Dubai, you won’t require the NOC.


Keep Track Of Your Application


When your application has been approved, you’ll see it online. You’ll be informed by email, which could take at least 10–15 days. Aftu can sign up and pay at the business center at Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Media City, or Dubai Internet City. Your Dubai freelance permit will be sent through email.


Submit A Freelance Visa Application


Upon receiving your freelancer’s license, you will also have a link to TECOM’s business service platform, AXS, which was created in collaboration with the Dubai Development Authority (DDA) and enables you to use some government or business services.


Complete All Requirements For A Residency Visa


Once you are done with the submission of your application for a Dubai Freelance Visa, An entry permit will be sent to you in 5 to 7 business days.

The day you receive the entry permit (valid only for two months from the issue date). You must complete specific requirements for a resident visa in Dubai, including your medical examination. Your resident visa will be issued once these steps are finished and will be good for two years starting from the issue date.

Information On Dubai Freelance Visa Cost:

The establishment card, freelancing visa, and freelance permit have different prices.
  1. A freelance permit will cost affordable and last for one year.
  2. A 1-year establishment card costs favorably.

need to mention about specific cost if possible : Cost of Freelance visa is AED 9800/-

If you are considering applying for a 3-year or a 2-year freelance employment visa within the UAE for Dubai will also cost reasonable prices. The prices for 3 or 2 years for a freelance employment visa will cover a visa for independent work, a medical exam, a residence permit, and an Emirates ID.

  • Getting and renewing a freelance permit or license costs affordably. It requires renewal every year.
  • The issue and renewal fees for the establishment card are based on the agency.
  • The procedure charge for an out-of-country (UAE) freelancing visa will be informed prior.
  • Visa health or medical insurance will conduct by matching your requirements.

There will be an inexpensive choice to apply for a UAE freelance visa and permission in the free zones of Sharjah or Ajman, which costs only as much as a 2-year freelancing visa.

As A Freelancer In The UAE

You must be aware that if you are employed in Dubai, and a firm sponsors your visa, you might be required to ask for a “No Objection Letter” from your employer or business. When applying for a Dubai freelance visa.

In addition, if you are thinking of relocating to Dubai, which provides you with greater autonomy and flexibility in the UAE and the ability to work as a freelancer, Which might later transform into a full-time business opportunity in Dubai, You have the choice to open a business in the tax-free zone of Dubai.

With the elevation of the ‘Dubai economy.’ Efforts have been made to make working as a freelancer in Dubai easier and more affordable. Finally, call us at +971 56 777 1075 or send an email to for extra details on how to apply for a Dubai freelancing visa or permission.

What is Dubai Freelance Visa

The Dubai freelance visa is a type of residency permit issued by the Dubai government that allows individuals to work as freelancers in the Emirate. It enables freelancers to legally operate as independent contractors and offer their services to clients within Dubai.


Dubai Freelance Visa Eligibility

Most of the nationality are eligible to apply for freelance visa in Dubai and the UAE

Dubai Freelance Visa Processing Time

two weeks time to process freelance visa


Freelance visa is for 2 years validity

Yes any one can sponsor family and dependants with freelance visa

Any one can apply for freelance visa