Cheapest Free Zones in the UAE

Cheapest Free Zones in the UAE

Make The Most Of Your Money: Cheapest Free Zones In The UAE

The UAE is attracting investors, entrepreneurs, families, travellers, and more attention. The UAE is a country of business opportunity. It is a family-friendly structure and business centre. Most investors around the globe search for answers to the question, “Which is the cheapest free zone in the UAE?”


The cheapest free zones in the UAE offer affordable prices to interested investors. Among all free zones, which is suitable for you entirely depends on your business’s specific needs and requirements.

A List Of The Most Affordable Free Zones In The UAE

Ajman Free Zone


AFZ-Ajman Free Zone is situated in the Emirates of Ajman. It provides reasonable prices to entrepreneurs looking to set up their businesses in the UAE with a simple and fast business process. The investors can set up many commercial activities linked to project services, consulting, E-commerce, media-related education, and project management.


This free zone also helps investors set up businesses in the industrial field that provide IT infrastructure, waste management, and transportation services. It helps in managing small office spaces and flexi desks.

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)


RAKEZ is one of the regions that is a cost-effective option for entrepreneurs and easily avails free zone licenses. It is situated near the RAK seaport and airport, which makes the location a profitable option for potential entrepreneurs. It provides services to investors, for example, First-rate services, budget-friendly business setup, and modern amenities.


RAK is a home for multiple kinds of businesses, starting with start-ups, freelancing, and multinational companies. It has modern and high-tech infrastructure for the development of industry. It provides a simple and quick company formation process.

Meydan Free Zone


Meydan is one of Dubai’s cheapest free zones and offers less expensive office space. It is located in the centre part of Dubai. Here, a businessman receives a No Objection certificate with the freedom to open an office space anywhere in Dubai under this free zone.


The investors receive benefits such as tax profits, 100% foreign ownership, high-speed internet connectivity, no duty tax charge on imports and exports, etc.

Sharjah Research Technology And Innovation Park (SRTIP)


SRTIP is one of the cheapest free zone locations in the Emirates of Sharjah. To become the global industry leader, the UAE plans a 10-year strategy to support research in production, renewable energy, waste management, digitalisation, design, architecture, environmental technology, and transport in the free zone.


It started as a newcomer selling approved trade permits at reasonable prices. It provides the Flexi Desk feature to businesses.

Umm Al Quwain FTZ (UAQ FTZ) Is A Free-Trade Zone


UAQ FTZ is one of the cheapest free zones located in the UAE and was established in 2014 because of its inexpensive setup and lowest operational prices. It also offers affordable packages for all sizes of businesses.


Due to its low prices and company setup, it will draw investors’ attention in the upcoming period. The strength of UAQ FTZ lures investors around the globe.

Dubai South


Dubai, formerly known as Dubai World Central, is one of the cheapest free zones and is situated in the southern part of Dubai. It offers ranges at reasonable prices for all sizes of businesses.


It offers various benefits to the businesses that form their companies under this free zone, such as 100% foreign ownership, a wide range of business activities, and zero personal and corporate tax charges.

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA)


DAFZA is the less expensive free zone that is located in the Emirate of Dubai. It provides reasonable packages for company formation under this free zone and permits Dubai’s cheapest trade licences.


Usually, it takes 1-3 years for licence renewal; it also depends on the licence and free zone you choose. Under these categories are licence permits: Trading, industrial, and services.

Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ)


The best free zone in the UAE is FFZ; it’s in the Emirate of Fujairah and provides inexpensive packages to companies wishing to establish themselves there. Various commercial activities and 100% foreign ownership, and no personal or company taxes in the Free Zone are available.

Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ)


One of the most popular free zones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ), situated in the emirate of Sharjah. It has an area of over 26 million square metres and was founded in 1995. The free zone provides a variety of incentives to enterprises and an extensive choice of commercial activities in the manufacturing, commerce, and service fields.

Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)​


The most cost-effective free zone in Dubai is DSO (Free Trade Zone Dubai), situated in the Emirate of Dubai. It provides reasonable packages for companies wishing to establish themselves in the technology industry. Various commercial activities and 100% foreign ownership, and no personal tax in the Free Zone are available. Additionally, it is the least expensive licence in the UAE with a visa.

Top Features Of Respective Cheapest Free Zones

The Ajman Free Zone

The top features of the Ajman Free Zone are as follows

Good Air Quality
The Ajman free zone provides high-quality air by installing top-notch air quality check systems across the entire free zone to guarantee a clean atmosphere and reduce environmental impact.


Top-Notch Infrastructure
Ajman free zone supports business activities in every way it can. It provides high-speed internet connectivity and rapid and smooth transportation services.


Commercial Services
To set up a business, you will need various services to run your business in the Ajman free zone closely. It provides 24/7 customer care services to answer customers’ queries—other services such as medical support, insurance services, and opening a bank account.

The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone

The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone's top benefits are as follows

Customised Packages
This free zone offers tailored packages instead of fixed ones. It offers customised packages by understanding your business goals and the needs to operate the business.

The other services it offers are- to choose one option between free zone or non-free zone for company set up.


Business Services
Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone provides various services to run the business smoothly, from opening a bank account with its banking partner to providing consultancy services.

It also offers a richly built mobile app with all the necessary resources.

The Hamriyah Free Zone

The following are the amazing advantages of the Hamriyah Free Zone

Flexible Facilities
The Hamriyah-free zone provides multiple facilities to operate a business without any obstacles. It provides strong safety for clients and protects your business.

Along with the security, it offers a wide range of industrial electricity connections and small office space starting with 10 square ft.


Fast Business Process
This free zone makes fast business processes from approving the documentation for business registration to gaining a trade license within an hour.

It offers several warehouses for your needs and land for company formation.

UAE Free Zones' Financial Needs

The following are the financial requirement for company formation in the UAE free zones

  • The minimal quantities of holding capital that several free zones require.
  • Renting out facilities or office space.
  • Registration fees for a trade licence.